Natural Resource Opportunities at W. D. Cowls, Inc.

W. D. Cowls seeks business opportunities to diversify its forest-based activities while continuing its sustainable management of timberland. In addition to sustainably harvested wood, Cowls land contains significant natural resources including Title 5 certified sand; gravel and landscape stone. Cowls land also contains significant mineral deposits and spring water. The wise use of these resources is a long-term goal of the company while preserving key hydrological systems, wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities. Farm lease opportunities are also available from Cowls.

Cowls is also interested in the long-term potential for renewable energy production on Cowls land. Cowls joins the Commonwealth in its committment to providing renewable alternative energy sources for the future and is investigating wind and solar energy production projects.  Cowls is also committted to helping rural communities in Western Massachusetts get connected through enhanced telecommunications systems.  We are currently working with several broadband and wireless service providers and welcome additional partnerships. 

Solar Opportunity in Shutesbury, Hampshire Gazette, March 31, 2011

WD Cowls has been helping a potential tenant pursue with Shutesbury how we achieve our mutual goals of energy independence and community sustainability by producing energy in town with solar photovoltaic panels. Solar energy investor Lake Street Development has identified as ideal solar-producing site on 30-acres of Cowls’  830-acre Wheelock lot.  Lake Street Development is beginning the land use approval process in Shutesbury to build a 6-Megawatt (MW) solar installation with direct significant benefits to the town by providing additional taxable land, without requiring municipal services.

Details and facts about this solar opportunity can be found in this project overview and meeting invitation from WD Cowls co-owner and Shutesbury resident, Evan Jones, and Lake Street Development, to encourage the Shutesbury community to attend a public information session taking place on Wednesday, June 17, at 7 PM at the Shutesbury Athletic Club.  

Letter to Shutesbury Residents, June 10, 2015